Why Mitigation Companies Partner with Renew Medic

As restoration professionals, you're usually the first responders following significant damage to a home from water, fire and other major events. You're the mitigation experts. We're the cabinet restoration experts. As soon as damaged cabinets are identified, don’t detach or tear them out. Instead, contact Renew Medic.

Allowing us to handle cabinet removal reduces liability to you, the mitigation company, and we can match your sense of urgency. The faster we remove the cabinets, the faster you can mitigate.

Our premium cabinet restoration insurance claims services include Emergency Cabinet Removal (ECR), which is typically performed within 24 to 48 hours of approval. The ECR consists of our professionally trained technicians skillfully removing damaged cabinets and safely bracing countertops. This helps reduce further damage to the cabinets, saving the countertops, allows for easier mitigation, and increases habitability and functionality for the homeowner.

Our Value to Mitigation Companies

  • We offer quick service. We can remove cabinets typically within 24 to 48 hours, allowing you to turn jobs faster.
  • We are the cabinet experts. We’re highly trained cabinet restoration professionals!
  • We save countertops and that means less liability for you.
  • We enhance your reputation with professional cabinet restoration services that are second to none.
  • We help increase employee retention by decreasing work for your technicians so you can move through jobs quicker.
  • We are loved by and work with local insurance carriers because we significantly reduce claim cycle costs and time. We often get claims approved faster due to our carrier relationships.
  • We clearly communicate with policyholders to ensure a smooth process and full customer satisfaction.
  • We offer referral incentives for mitigation partners.

How Renew Medic Benefits Mitigation Companies

Cabinets Can Get in the Way and Slow You Down:

  • Broken Countertops: Untrained mitigation techs often experience much higher instances of breakage to countertops.
  • Increased Costs and Cycle Time: Repairs can be more extensive and take much longer if countertops are unnecessarily broken, and additional living expenses (ALE) can be increased. There is also a higher probability for mold to occur.
  • Increased Cabinetry Damages: We often see increased collateral damage, and sometimes cabinetry is simply thrown away.
  • Bogged Down Resources: Our trained cabinet removal techs are ready to remove cabinets and brace countertops for easier mitigation, so your teams can move onto the next job.


Benefits of Our Emergency Cabinet Removal (ECR) Service:

  • Expert Service: Countertops are well supported to reduce risk of breakage and cabinets are saved/removed with care by trained cabinet removal technicians.
  • Reduced Repair Costs: Our knowledgeable team is able to surgically remove and salvage as many reusable cabinet and hardware parts as possible, resulting in significant costs savings.
  • Happy Mitigation Companies: ECRs allow mitigation companies access to difficult areas while minimizing the risk of further damages.
  • Happy Insurance Carriers: The care taken at the time of ECR can save overall repair time, reducing ALE and avoiding the replacement of an entire kitchen.
  • Happy Homeowners: Expert care at the time of cabinet removal can significantly reduce the amount of time policyholders are out of their homes and resulting ALE and temporary housing.

We look forward to partnering with you!