Renew Medic significantly reduces claim cycle time and costs! Our cabinet repairs average 2 to 3 weeks and cost 50 to 65% less compared to full kitchen replacement. Let us be your cabinet restoration partner.

Renew Medic is a specialty cabinet disaster restoration company that evolved from Furniture Medic®. We are the go-to partner for insurance carriers, claims adjusters and mitigation professionals when it comes to water or fire damaged cabinets.

Insurance carriers no longer have to always replace entire kitchens or large sections of them when cabinets are water or fire damaged. Renew Medic focuses on restoring only the affected cabinets to pre-loss condition while reducing claim cycle time. This can reduce claim severity cost by 50 to 65% on average when compared to replacement – all while saving countertops and keeping policyholders safe in their homes.


Problem: Water or fire damaged cabinets often mean a full kitchen tear-out, causing significant increases to claim costs and cycle time. We have the solution!

Our Value to Insurance Carriers

We close claims faster and reduce cycle time while reducing ALE and decreasing claim severity and costs 50-65% less on average than replacement.

Our Value to Mitigation Companies

We remove cabinets quickly, reduce mitigator's countertop liability, and allow for easier mitigation while enhancing reputations and increasing employee retention.

Our Process

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