Why Policyholders & Homeowners Love Renew Medic

Experiencing a disaster in a home is beyond stressful. Renew Medic's goal is to limit any disruption to the lives of homeowners and policyholders and renew fire and water damaged cabinets back to their original pre-loss condition. We coordinate with insurance adjusters and mitigation and re-construction contractors to ensure timely completion of our work to get kitchen cabinets back to the way they were before the damage occurred.

Renew Medic’s Value to Policyholder / Homeowners

  • We are the cabinet experts. We’re highly trained cabinet restoration professionals!
  • We work quickly. Our cabinet renewal services are on demand and usually average only 2-3 weeks compared to replacing everything, which can typically take up to 6 months or longer and get stuck on back order.
  • We aim to keep you safe in your home. A functional kitchen — including the sink, dishwasher, ice machine, oven and/or stovetop — can help keep policyholders in their homes during the cabinet renewal process by safely propping up expensive countertops.