What's an Emergency Cabinet Removal?

The truth is that costly kitchen cabinet tear outs often aren’t necessary after disaster strikes a home. Renew Medic's Emergency Cabinet Removal (ECR) service offers solutions for kitchen cabinet insurance claims that significantly reduces claim cycle time and costs.

Our highly trained technicians respond quickly, minimize disruption and maximize results. We work closely with insurance adjusters and mitigation professionals to restore fire and water damaged cabinets to pre-loss condition while making policyholders happy.

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Step-by-Step: How Renew Medic’s Emergency Cabinet Removal & Restoration Services Save Money and Cycle Time on Kitchen Cabinet Insurance Claims

Renew Medic provides a smarter solution to mitigation experts, insurance claims adjusters and policyholders. Our premium fire and water damaged cabinet restoration services for insurance claims include:

1. Emergency Cabinet Removal: Fast, Efficient and Minimally Disruptive

  • Rapid Response: Renew Medic’s highly trained technicians arrive within 24-48 hours of approval.
  • Safe and Skillful Cabinet Removal: Our professionally trained expert technicians remove water or fire damaged cabinets to help prevent a full kitchen water loss or further destruction of fire damaged cabinets. We then safely brace and secure countertops, which preserves backsplashes, unaffected cabinets, and the surrounding area. Our recognized and proven approach to cabinet restoration prevents additional costly damage and significantly reduces claim cycle time. 
  • Reducing Additional Living Expenses (ALE) and Temporary Housing: By safely bracing and securing countertops during cabinet removal, our ECR service provides a functional kitchen, eliminating or significantly reducing additional living expenses and temporary housing. 
Kitchen Island Emergency Cabinet Removal | Renew Medic

2. Custom Cabinet Repairs: Fabricating, Building and Finishing Fire and Water Damaged Kitchen Cabinets

  • Custom Manufacturing and Finishing: Utilizing advanced technology and machinery, we rebuild and repair fire and water damaged cabinets to the same size, dimensions, and standards as pre-loss condition.
  • Color Matching: Renew Medic also offers custom stains and paints to meticulously match existing cabinetry for superior results on cabinet color matching claims. 
  • Closing Claims Faster, Reducing Claim Cycle Time: Our cabinet repairs average 2 to 3 weeks compared to replacement that can typically take up to 6 months or longer.

3. Seamless Cabinet Reinstallation and Completion: The Finishing Touches

  • Expert Reinstallation: Renew Medic’s technicians carefully put restored cabinets back in place under the supported countertops and make sure everything fits perfectly.
  • Final Touches: We provide thorough cleaning and adjustments to help ensure a complete and exceptional finish.

Renew Medic Addresses the Truth Behind Insurance Claims and Kitchen Cabinet Removal

Fire and water damaged cabinets can be removed and restored – without breaking or tearing out countertops or further damaging cabinets.

Renew Medic’s experts know water damage, fire or other disasters can wreak havoc on kitchen cabinets. But did you know that fire and water damaged cabinets can be repaired and restored to pre-loss condition 95% of the time?

Traditional solutions typically involve an immediate kitchen cabinet tear out that leads to a cascade of problems:

  • Water damaged cabinets are often considered a total loss, resulting in the full replacement cost on kitchen insurance claims.
  • Kitchen cabinet mitigation efforts can be delayed due to cabinet removal, hindering drying and potentially causing more ongoing fire and kitchen water damage.
  • Cabinet damage from fire or water often leads to unnecessary demolition. This generates needless costs and significant waste that's expensive to dispose of and harmful to the environment.
  • Replacing cabinets and countertops can drastically drive up the cost of kitchen cabinet claims.
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Renew Medic Cabinet Restoration: The Right Choice for Insurance Claims

We are the preferred partner for mitigation professionals and insurance adjusters when it comes to restoring fire and water damaged kitchen cabinets. Plus, Renew Medic’s proven approach significantly reduces skyrocketing insurance claim costs while significantly reducing claim cycle time.

Discover how we’re the right choice in the restoration industry for all things related to fire and water damage cabinet restoration.

Contact Renew Medic to learn more about our Emergency Cabinet Removal service!